Upgrade to version 16.0

Breaking changes

Make main navigation more accessible (04.10.2023, 7bdb001d)


The adaption to a more accessible main menu might lead to visual changes.

The main menu height depends on the rows used. For a correct height calculatiuon the variable --pp-mainnavigation-row-count has been added.

Corrective action

Fine tune the visual appearance in the site package. When working with more then one main menu row use the variable --pp-mainnavigation-row-count for the height to be calculated correctly.

Related: bk2k/bootstrap_package#2775146d

Move main tag to contain all relevant content (02.10.2023, 46e68455)

Related: bk2k/bootstrap_package#2bceb149

Migrate heading classes (02.10.2023, 1dc06af7)


The bootstrap package now provides as well fields to alter the headings classes making the pizpalue fields obsolete.

Corrective action

Use the provided upgrade wizard to migrate the heading settings to the bootstrap package domain. ATTENTION: Each time you run the wizard the field values in the bootstrap package domain are overridden. Use this wizard with care, usually just once.

Related: bk2k/bootstrap_package#c37afe30