Extension form

Email finisher

The email finisher from the form extension has been extended to provide data from the finisher to the fluid template. As a result the array "finisherOptions" holds the elements senderName, senderAddress, recipientName, recipientAddress and subject. To add the sender name to the fluid template use {finisherOptions.senderName}.

Mail to system form finisher

A form finisher has been added allowing to send an email to a system for further processing the user data. A use case might be to send plaintext emails from the web site to a system processing the data for a CRM.

To customize the content being sent a template can be created and referenced to as following:

      subject: Subject for CRM
      recipientAddress: info@domain.com
      recipientName: 'CRM Admin'
      senderAddress: sender@domain.com
      senderName: 'Web Admin'
      replyToAddress: ''
      carbonCopyAddress: ''
      blindCarbonCopyAddress: ''
      format: plaintext
      attachUploads: false
         30: 'EXT:user_customer/Resources/Private/Templates/Form/Finishers/MailToSystem/'


The customized template might be started off by using the template found under "typo3conf/ext/pizpalue/Resources/Private/Templates/Form/Finishers/MailToSystem/Plaintext.html"