Changelog for release v12.1.0


  • [FEATURE] Make header fields more flexible (04.01.2022, 9f01e9f by Roman Büchler)

  • [FEATURE] Add type "image" to picoverlay content element (17.12.2021, c18787b by Roman Büchler)


  • [BUGFIX] Add missing TCA config to news plugin dummy asset (13.01.2022, 0432d57 by Roman Büchler)

  • [BUGFIX] Correct gradient function (12.12.2021, d3d8c8f by Roman Büchler)

  • [BUGFIX] Style footer in picture with overlay ce (12.12.2021, 0e43246 by Roman Büchler)


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Note: The above list contains just commits marked with [FEATURE], [BUGFIX] and [!!!]. Complementary commits are available at Github.