Either childrenField or parentField has to be set - childrenField takes precedence. Keywords:


Allows to define a custom data provider class for usecases where special data preparation is necessary. By default \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Tree\TableConfiguration\DatabaseTreeDataProvider is used.

childrenField (string)

Field name of the foreign_table that references the uid of the child records.

parentField (string)

Field name of the foreign_table that references the uid of the parent record

rootUid (integer, optional)

Deprecated, use startingPoints (see below); uid of the record that shall be considered as the root node of the tree. In general this might be set by Page TSconfig, see config.treeConfig

startingPoints (string, comma separated values)

allows to set multiple records as roots for tree records.

The setting takes a CSV value, e.g. 2,3,4711, which takes records of the uids 2, 3 and 4711 into account and creates a tree of these records.

Additionally, each value used in startingPoints may be fed from a site configuration by using the ###SITE:### syntax.


# Site config
base: /
rootPageId: 1
   root: 123
// Example TCA config
'config' => [
    'treeConfig' => [
        'startingPoints' => '1,2,###SITE:categories.root###',

This will evaluate to 'startingPoints' => '1,2,123'.

appearance (array, optional)
showHeader (boolean)

Whether to show the header of the tree that contains a field to filter the records and allows to expand or collapse all nodes

expandAll (boolean)

Whether to show the tree with all nodes expanded

maxLevels (integer)

The maximal amount of levels to be rendered (can be used to stop possible recursions)

nonSelectableLevels (list, default "0")

Comma-separated list of levels that will not be selectable, by default the root node (which is "0") cannot be selected