string (list of field names)

Specifies which fields are displayed in which order in the palette, examples:

'showitem' => 'aFieldName, anotherFieldName',
'showitem' => 'aFieldName;labelOverride, anotherFieldName',
'showitem' => 'aFieldName, anotherFieldName, --linebreak--, yetAnotherFieldName',

This string is a comma separated list of field names from ['columns'] section, each field can optionally have a second, semicolon separated field to override the default label property of the field.

Instead of a field name, the special keyword --linebreak-- can be used to place groups of fields on single lines. Note this line grouping only works well if the browser window size allows multiple fields next to each other, if the width is not sufficient the fields will wrap below each other anyways.


A field name must only appear once in the entire record. Do not reference a single field within the showitem list of a types section and again in a palette used in the same type. Don't use a field in multiple palettes referenced in a type, or multiple times in one palette.