Type:string (field name)

Field name where description of a record is stored in. This description is only displayed in the backend to guide editors and admins and should never be shown in the frontend. If filled, the content of this field is displayed in the page and list module, and shown above the field list if editing a record. It is meant as a note field to give editors important additional information on single records. The TYPO3 Core sets this property for a series of main tables like be_users, be_groups and tt_content.


Record information shown editing an example record
'ctrl' => [
    'title' => 'Form engine - Common table control',
    'label' => 'title',
    'descriptionColumn' => 'description',
    'tstamp' => 'tstamp',
    'crdate' => 'crdate',
    'cruser_id' => 'cruser_id',
    'delete' => 'deleted',
    'sortby' => 'sorting',
    'default_sortby' => 'title',
    'versioningWS' => true,
    'rootLevel' => -1,
    'iconfile' => 'EXT:styleguide/Resources/Public/Icons/tx_styleguide.svg',
    'origUid' => 't3_origuid',
    'languageField' => 'sys_language_uid',
    'transOrigPointerField' => 'l10n_parent',
    'transOrigDiffSourceField' => 'l10n_diffsource',
    'translationSource' => 'l10n_source',
    'searchFields' => 'title,description',
    'enablecolumns' => [
        'disabled' => 'hidden',
        'starttime' => 'starttime',
        'endtime' => 'endtime',