Data structure (ds)






Display / Proc.

Data Structure(s) defined in an array.

Each key is a value that can be pointed to by ds_pointerField. Default key is "default" which is what you should use if you do not have a ds_pointerField value of course.

If you specified more than one ds_pointerField, the keys in this "ds" array should contain comma-separated value pairs where the asterisk * matches all values (see the example below). If you don't need to switch for the second ds_pointerField, it's also possible to use only the first ds_pointerField's value as a key in the "ds" array without necessarily suffixing it with ",*" for a catch-all on the second ds_pointerField.

For each value in the array there are two options:

  • Either enter XML directly

  • Make a reference to an external XML file


Example with XML directly entered

'config' => [
   'type' => 'flex',
   'ds_pointerField' => 'list_type',
   'ds' => [
      'default' => '
                        <label>The Title:</label>

Example with XML in external file

'config' => [
   'type' => 'flex',
   'ds_pointerField' => 'list_type',
   'ds' => [
      'default' => 'FILE:EXT:mininews/Configuration/FlexForms/Mininews.xml',