Breaking: #88667 - Removed additionalJavaScriptSubmit from FormEngine

See forge#88667


FormEngine had the feature to add additional submit handlers via the option additionalJavaScriptSubmit, that can be set by form element renderables. TYPO3 uses RequireJS and a rewritten FormEngine since version 7, the property additionalJavaScriptSubmit has been removed.

Additional, functions of TBE_EDITOR that are associated with that feature (namely addActionChecks) were removed as well.


The option has no effect anymore, the code won't get executed at all.

Affected Installations

All 3rd-party extensions using this option are affected.


It is possible to create and register an AMD module.

$resultArray['requireJsModules'][] = 'TYPO3/CMS/MyExtension/SubmitHandler';
// typo3conf/ext/my_extension/Resources/Public/JavaScript/SubmitHandler.js
define(['TYPO3/CMS/Backend/DocumentSaveActions'], function (DocumentSaveActions) {
  DocumentSaveActions.getInstance().addPreSubmitCallback(function (e) {
    // e is the submit event
    // Do stuff here

    // e.stopPropagation() stops the execution chain