Breaking: #88687 - Configure extbase request handlers via PHP

See forge#88687


The configuration of extbase request handlers is no longer possible via typoscript. All typoscript concerning the configuration of request handlers needs to be converted to php, residing in EXT:Configuration/Extbase/RequestHandlers.php.


Unless converted to php, the configuration in typoscript does no longer have any effect and therefore the registration of request handlers will no longer work.

Affected Installations

All installations that configure request handlers via typoscript.


Every extension that used typoscript for such configuration must provide a php configuration class called: EXT:Configuration/Extbase/RequestHandlers.php

The migration is best described by an example:

config.tx_extbase {
    mvc {
        requestHandlers {
            Vendor\Extension\Mvc\Web\FrontendRequestHandler = Vendor\Extension\Mvc\Web\FrontendRequestHandler

This configuration will look like this, defined in php:

declare(strict_types = 1);

return [