Feature: #87433 - Add changefreq and priority for XML sitemap

See forge#87433


Sitemap.xml files may contain a change frequency and a priority for entries.

Change frequencies define how often each page is approximately updated and hence how often it should be revisited (for example: News in an archive are "never" updated, while your home page might get "weekly" updates).

Priority allows you to define how important the page is compared to other pages on your site. The priority is stated in a value from 0 to 1. Your most important pages can get an higher priority as other pages. This value does not affect how important your pages are compared to pages of other websites.

This feature allows to define the properties changefreq and priority for sitemap entries in TYPO3.

The properties changefreq and priority of pages can be controlled via page properties. For records, the settings can be defined in TypoScript by mapping the properties to fields of the record by using the options changeFreqField and priorityField. changeFreqField needs to point to a field containing string values (see pages definition of field sitemap_changefreq), priorityField needs to point to a field with a decimal value between 0 and 1.

plugin.tx_seo {
   config {
      xmlSitemap {
         sitemaps {
            <unique key> {
               provider = TYPO3\CMS\Seo\XmlSitemap\RecordsXmlSitemapDataProvider
               config {
                  table = news_table
                  sortField = sorting
                  lastModifiedField = tstamp
                  changeFreqField = news_changefreq
                  priorityField = news_priority
                  additionalWhere = AND (no_index = 0 OR no_follow = 0)
                  pid = <page id('s) containing news records>
                  url {
                     pageId = <your detail page id>
                     fieldToParameterMap {
                        uid = tx_extension_pi1[news]
                     additionalGetParameters {
                        tx_extension_pi1.controller = News
                        tx_extension_pi1.action = detail


Two new fields are available in the page properties: sitemap_priority (decimal) and sitemap_changefreq (list of values, for example "weekly", "daily", "never").

Two new TypoScript options for the RecordsXmlSitemapDataProvider have been introduced: changeFreqField and priorityField.

All pages and records get a priority of 0.5 by default.