Feature: #84250 - Separately enable / disable "Add media by URL" and "Select & upload files"

See forge#84250


A new appearance property "fileByUrlAllowed" is used to separately enable / disable the buttons "Add media by URL" and "Select & upload files".

  • fileUploadAllowed = false now only hides the button "Select & upload files".
  • fileByUrlAllowed = false now hides the button "Add media by URL".

If "elementBrowserType" is set to "file" both values are true by default.


$GLOBALS['TCA']['pages']['columns']['media']['config']['appearance'] = [
   'fileUploadAllowed' => false,
   'fileByUrlAllowed' => false,

This will suppress both buttons and only leave "Create new relation".


Users have to use the new appearance property "fileByUrlAllowed" to hide the button "Add media by URL"