Feature: #88602 - Allow registering additional file processors

See forge#88602


Registering additional file processors has been introduced. New processors need to implement the interface \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Resource\Processing\ProcessorInterface.

To register a new processor, add the following code to ext_localconf.php

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['fal']['processors']['MyNewImageProcessor'] = [
    'className' => \Vendor\ExtensionName\Resource\Processing\MyNewImageProcessor::class,
    'before' => ['LocalImageProcessor']

To order the processors, use before and after statements. TYPO3 will process the file with the first processor that is able to process a given task.


Developers are now able to provide their own file processing. By providing priorities, the processor ending up handling the file can be determined on a fine granular level including a fallback.

Examples for custom implementations might be:

  • add a watermark to each image of type png
  • compress uploaded pdf files into zip archives
  • store images that should be cropped at a separate position in the target storage