Feature: #89292 - Add support for RecordHistory correlationId's to DataHandler

See forge#89292


With forge#89143 a new feature for correlation ids in \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\History\RecordHistory was introduced. DataHandler now also supports this feature by setting the $correlationId with its instance.

$correlationId = CorrelationId::forSubject(
$data['pages'][$uid]['slug'] = $newSlug;
// create new DataHandler instance
$dataHandler = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(DataHandler::class);
$dataHandler->start($data, []);
// DataHandler::start assigns internal correlation id scope
// which will be overridden in this example by the next line
// actually process and persist data

After this DataHandler operation, the created RecordHistory entry contains the $correlationId.

CorrelationId model requires mandatory $subject and allows optional $aspects which can be serialized into string like e.g. 0400$12ae0b042a5d75e3f2744f4b3faf8068/5d8e6e70/slug

  • 0400$ is a flag prefix containing an internal version number for possible schema validations
  • 12ae0b042a5d75e3f2744f4b3faf8068 is a unique subject
  • /5d8e6e70/slug are aspects, separated by slashes