Deprecation: #90007 - Global constants TYPO3_version and TYPO3_branch

See forge#90007


Two of the most "stable" global constants in the TYPO3 Core - TYPO3_version and TYPO3_branch have been marked as deprecated.

The change was mainly driven by the necessity to minimize runtime-generated constants in order to optimize performance, also for op-caching.

The same information is available in a new PHP class TYPO3\CMS\Core\Information\Typo3Version, which also defines the constants for backwards-compatibility reasons.


No PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error is triggered, however the constants will work during TYPO3 v10 and TYPO3 v11, but will be removed with TYPO3 v12.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with custom extensions accessing the constants, which is common for having extension support for multiple TYPO3 versions.


It is highly recommended to use the Typo3Version class instead of the constants, as they will be removed in a future TYPO3 version.

Check the Extension Scanner in the Upgrade section of TYPO3 to see if any extensions you use might be affected.