Feature: #89644 - Add optional argument "fields" to editRecord ViewHelpers

See forge#89644


An optional argument "fields" is added to the uri.editRecord and link.editRecord ViewHelper. This can contain the names of one or more database fields (comma separated).

If the argument "fields" is set, FormEngine creates a form to edit only these fields.


This ViewHelper passes the value given in the fields argument to the backend route /record/edit as columnsOnly argument.

The functionality for columnsOnly has always been there for the backend route /record/edit even before this patch.


Create a link to edit the tt_content.bodytext field of record with uid 42:

<be:link.editRecord uid="42" table="tt_content" fields="bodytext" returnUrl="foo/bar">
     Edit record


<a href="/typo3/index.php?route=/record/edit&edit[tt_content][42]=edit&returnUrl=foo/bar&columnsOnly=bodytext">
    Edit record