Feature: #90234 - Introduce CacheHashConfiguration and matching indicators

See forge#90234


Settings for $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['cacheHash'] are modelled in class CacheHashConfiguration which takes care of validating configuration. It also determines whether corresponding aspects apply to a given URL parameter.

Besides exact matches (equals) it is possible to apply partial matches at the beginning of a parameter (startsWith) or inline occurrences (contains).

URL parameter names are prefixed with the following indicators:

  • = (equals): exact match, default behavior if not given
  • ^ (startsWith): matching the beginning of a parameter name
  • ~ (contains): matching any inline occurrence in a parameter name

These indicators can be used for all previously existing sub-properties cachedParametersWhiteList, excludedParameters, excludedParametersIfEmpty and requireCacheHashPresenceParameters.

Example (excerpt of LocalConfiguration.php)

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['cacheHash'] = [
  'excludedParameters' => [
    '^utm_', // making previous two obsolete
  'excludedParametersIfEmpty' => [


Configuration related to cHash URL parameter supports partial matches which overcomes the previous necessity to explicitly state all parameter names to be excluded.

For instance instead of having exclude items like

'excludedParameters' => [

partial matches allow to simplify the configuration and consider all items having tx_my[data] (or tx_my[data][ to be more specific) as prefix like

'excludedParameters' => [

The present configuration for the cHash section is still supported - there is no syntactical requirement to adjust those changes.