Feature: #90461 - Quick-Create Content Elements via NewContentElementWizard

See forge#90461


The new Content Element wizard within the Page Module now contains an option called "saveAndClose" which directs a user back to the Page Module directly instead of showing the FormEngine.

This is especially useful for custom content elements or container content types where pre-defined values can be put in place directly, saving editors one click on content creation.

The functionality is disabled by default, but explicitly enabled for the Content Type "divider".


This definition can be put into PageTSconfig (e.g. EXT:my_extension/Configuration/Page/main.tsconfig) with the new flag "saveAndClose" enabled.

mod.wizards.newContentElement.wizardItems {
    common.elements {
        my_element {
            iconIdentifier = content-my-icon
            title = LLL:EXT:my_extension/Resources/Private/Language/ContentTypes.xlf:my_element_title
            description = LLL:EXT:my_extension/Resources/Private/Language/ContentTypes.xlf:my_element_description
            tt_content_defValues {
                CType = my_element
                header = Hello my friend
            saveAndClose = 1