Feature: #90728 - Add FluidEmail option to EXT:form EmailFinisher

See forge#90728


After the introduction of FluidEmail in v10 the option to send mails in a standardized way is now also added to the EmailFinisher of the system extension EXT:from.

To use FluidEmail a new option useFluidEmail is added to both the EmailToReceiver and EmailToSender finisher. It defaults to FALSE so extension authors are able to smoothly test and upgrade their forms. Furthermore a new option title is available which can be used to add an E-Mail title to the default FluidEmail template. This option is capable of rendering form element variables using the known bracket syntax and can be overwritten in the FlexForm configuration of the form plugin.

To customize the templates beeing used following options can be set:

  • templateName: The template name (for both HTML and plaintext) without the extension
  • templateRootPaths: The paths to the templates
  • partialRootPaths: The paths to the partials
  • layoutRootPaths: The paths to the layouts

For FluidEmail, the field templatePathAndFilename is not evaluated anymore.

A finisher configuration could look like this:

identifier: contact
type: Form
prototypeName: standard
   identifier: EmailToSender
      subject: 'Your Message: {message}'
      title: 'Hello {name}, your confirmation'
      templateName: ContactForm
         100: 'EXT:sitepackage/Resources/Private/Templates/Email/'
         100: 'EXT:sitepackage/Resources/Private/Partials/Email/'
      addHtmlPart: true
      useFluidEmail: true

Please note that the old template name syntax {@format}.html does not work for FluidEmail as each format needs a different template with the corresponing file extension. In the example above the following files must exist in the specified template path:

  • ContactForm.html
  • ContactForm.txt


It's now possible to use FluidEmail for sending mails in EXT:form.