Important: #92100 - YAML imports follow declaration order

See forge#92100


Since #78917 various places of TYPO3 can be configured using YAML. It's also possible to use imports to split larger configurations into logical subparts. The imports functionality previously imported the configured files in the reverse order in which they were configured in the importing file. Since it's sometimes important, e.g. when using imports in site configurations, the import can now be configured to follow the declaration order. The files are then imported in the exact same order as they are configured in the importing file. Therefore, a new feature toggle yamlImportsFollowDeclarationOrder is introduced. It defaults to false for existing installations and to true for new installations. This means, if you currently rely on the reverse order, nothing changes in your existing installation.


  - { resource: "EXT:site/Configuration/SomeFile.yaml" }
  - { resource: "EXT:site/Configuration/AnotherFile.yaml" }

With yamlImportsFollowDeclarationOrder set to true:

  1. EXT:site/Configuration/SomeFile.yaml
  2. EXT:site/Configuration/AnotherFile.yaml

With yamlImportsFollowDeclarationOrder set to false:

  1. EXT:site/Configuration/AnotherFile.yaml
  2. EXT:site/Configuration/SomeFile.yaml