Deprecation: #90964 - LanguageService functionality and internal properties

See forge#90964


LanguageService - also known as $GLOBALS[LANG] within TYPO3 Core is used to fetch a label string from a XLF file and deliver the translated value from that string.

Some functionality related to legacy functionality or internal logic has been marked as deprecated and changed visibility:

  • LanguageService->LL_files_cache - is now protected instead of public
  • LanguageService->LL_labels_cache - is now protected instead of public
  • LanguageService->getLabelsWithPrefix() - is deprecated as it is not needed
  • LanguageService->getLLL() - is now protected instead of public
  • LanguageService->debugLL() - is now protected instead of public

The method LanguageService->loadSingleTableDescription() is marked as internal now.


Calling any of the methods or properties listed above will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with extensions of custom logic using the internals of specifics of the LanguageService class.


Use the Public API of the LanguageService - namely sL() and getLL() directly.