Important: #77715 - No more password trimming for third-party authentication services

See forge#77715


TYPO3's Authentication Service API allows third-party extensions to handle custom login / password data to authenticate against identity brokers via "OAuth", "LDAP" or "SAML2" now receive a given password (called uident) directly as given from the input value.

Before TYPO3 v10 LTS, TYPO3's "AbstractUserAuthentication" object trimmed all incoming usernames and passwords, and afterwards handed the sanitized input values over to the Authentication Providers.

This made it impossible to ever have passwords that included spaces at the beginning or the end of a given password.

This behaviour is now changed, and only affects Third-Party Authentication providers - which can now decide to also trim passwords or keep them as is.

This logic is mostly handled within processLoginData(). If the Third-Party Authentication Provider is extending from Core's AuthenticationService class and does not override the method, then the behaviour will still be the same as before.

TYPO3's native Authentication Service still requires a password without spaces at the beginning or end, however it is now up to the Authentication Service to define what is possible or allowed.