Important: #90285 - Fresh installs without constraint for typo3fluid/fluid will get version 3.0+

See forge#90285


Projects which have no dependencies that add a constraint on the maximum allowed version of Fluid will in the future download and install typo3fluid/fluid:^3.

The TYPO3 core is fully compatible with both major versions of Fluid and lets you choose between version 2.6+ or 3.0+ by constraining your project dependencies. However, some projects based on TYPO3 may contain Fluid templates or dependencies which are not compatible with Fluid 3.0, yet neglect to declare a maximum version constraint for Fluid - since until the release of version 3.0, the only/highest major version was 2.6 and composer install would therefore always select version ^2.6 as it was the only option.

If your project has no maximum version constraint and contains Fluid templates which are incompatible with version 3.0+ you will therefore need to take one of the following actions:

  • Either declare a maximum version constraint for typo3fluid/fluid:^2 in the root project composer.json or any dependency of the project that you control, and perform composer update.
  • Or execute composer req typo3fluid/fluid:^2 in the project directory to make the project itself declare the maximum version constraint.