Breaking: #92352 - New default position for redirect middleware

See forge#92352


TYPO3 10 introduced the feature toggle rearrangedRedirectMiddlewares to rearrange the middlewares typo3/cms-redirects/redirecthandler and typo3/cms-frontend/base-redirect-resolver. If enabled, the the typo3/cms-redirects/redirecthandler is executed first.

This order has the advantage that any redirect would work regardless whether the request made it through the typo3/cms-frontend/base-redirect-resolver. While this might cause problems in some scenarios it is by far the better default.

Therefore the feature switch has been removed now and the above described order is the new default.


By putting the typo3/cms-frontend/base-redirect-resolver last, redirects are always resolved even if no configured base URL was requested. In most cases this is considered to be a bugfix. However, redirect behavior might change.

Custom middlewares that have been put in between the two above mentioned middlewares most likely will lead to a circular dependency exception now. Such custom middlewares have to be revisited and registered differently.

Affected Installations

All installations that need the typo3/cms-frontend/base-redirect-resolver executed before the typo3/cms-redirects/redirecthandler or that have the feature switch turned off and registered a custom middleware in between the two or with one of the two as a position definition via after or before.


Manually check the position of your custom middlewares and adapt accordingly.

If needed the order of the middlewares can be switched back manually as described in the documentation.