Breaking: #92560 - Backend editors can always delete pages recursive

See forge#92560


The feature to deny editors from deleting pages that have sub pages has been removed. This has been an optional setting on a per-user basis and is now not only enabled by default but the restriction has been fully removed.


Editors can always delete full page trees.

Affected Installations

All instances are affected.


In case an editor deletes an entire tree by accident, administrators can and should use the recycler extension to resurrect page trees.

Additionally, administrators can and should set access rights of important key pages to disallow editors from deleting them. More complex use cases can be handled with a dedicated DataHandler hook.

Another good solution is to configure and restrict users to a workspace to implement a sophisticated review process for pending live content changes.

On PHP level, the property DataHandler->deleteTree has been dropped. Setting this property will raise a PHP warning level error. Extensions may be affected by this. The extension scanner will find usages with a weak match.

Furthermore, on PHP level, the backend user uc setting uc['recursiveDelete'] has been dropped and is of no use anymore within the TYPO3 core.

Finally, the User TSconfig for setting a default value, overriding the value or disabling the field, has also no effect anymore. Therefore, the following settings within custom TSconfig should be removed:

  • setup.default.recursiveDelete
  • setup.override.recursiveDelete
  • setup.fields.recursiveDelete.disabled