Breaking: #92598 - Workspace-overlays auto-fix the PID value for moved records

See forge#92598


When handling versioned records while reading data from the database, the common behavior is to apply a "workspace overlay". When using the TYPO3 API in both classes like:

  • TYPO3\CMS\Core\Domain\Repository\PageRepository->getRecord()
  • TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Utility\BackendUtility::getRecordWSOL()

the currently live records are fetched from the database and being overlayed with possible versioned record in a specific workspace by replacing all selected fields with the versioned values.

However, the fields "uid" and "pid" of the live record were kept, and the values of the versioned record were stored in "_ORIG_uid" and "_ORIG_pid" when a record was successfully overlaid.

This was necessary in the past, because the versioned records did not contain a meaningful "pid" value ("pid=-1") so in order to keep a useful value, the live value was kept.

The meaning of "_ORIG_pid" has now changed:

  • All versioned records contain the same "pid" as the live record, so the "_ORIG_pid" value is not needed anymore.
  • However, when a record is moved to another page in a workspace, the PID changes. Handling this case is drastically simpler now. In order to work with the modified data in moved versions, the "pid" field now contains the value of the new page in a workspace, and the "_ORIG_pid" field contains the value of the live record's "pid" field. This behavior is now streamlined with what fixVersioningPid() was doing. Therefore fixVersioningPid() has been marked as deprecated.


When using workspaces and the API methods, the "_ORIG_pid" field is only set for moved records where a workspace overlay has been properly applied.

The "pid" field now always contains the actual pid of a versioned record in the workspace, where as the "_ORIG_pid" contains the live record pid value.

In other words: if a moved record has been overlaid, the "_ORIG_pid" and "pid" field values are now switched.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with custom code regarding workspaces that dealt with the value "_ORIG_pid" for resolving moved records in a workspace.


The change helps to reduce the complexity when dealing with workspace overlays, so existing PHP code probably does not need to check for "_ORIG_pid" anymore, and extension developers can just safely use the overlay methods and directly use the "pid" field, knowing that the "pid" field contains the value of the record within the workspace.