Breaking: #93003 - PageRenderer renders only full page

See forge#93003


TYPO3s main API class to build a full HTML page for Frontend and Backend rendering - PageRenderer - previously allowed to only render the header or footer separately, which was built due to historical reasons when rendering content.

This is however obsolete and TYPO3 Core only renders full pages in Frontend and Backend internally.

For this reason, PageRenderer's render method does not accept any method arguments anymore and always renders the complete HTML page.

In addition, the constants

  • PageRenderer::PART_COMPLETE
  • PageRenderer::PART_HEADER
  • PageRenderer::PART_FOOTER

are now marked as protected and should not be accessed from outside the PHP class anymore.


Calling PageRenderer->render() does not respect any given method argument.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with custom extensions manipulating the underlying API to render the page.


It is recommended for third-party extensions to use custom hooks to process or manipulate header or footer parts.