Breaking: #93041 - Remove TypoScript option addQueryString.method

See forge#93041


The TypoScript option addQueryString.method has been removed.

If omitted, this added all parameters from the PHP $_SERVER[QUERY_STRING] value, which was used heavily in PHP 3 / PHP 4 times, instead of the more "modern" $_GET parameters, which was set via addQueryString.method = GET.

However, the latter solution was / is the default for working in PSR-7 requests, and with routing. The option itself is removed, in order to have TYPO3 use the same values throughout TYPO3 Core, making method = GET the default and thus, the only option.

To further streamline TYPO3s source code, the underlying PHP method ContentObjectRenderer->getQueryArguments() now only accepts exactly one argument.

All Fluid arguments related to that setting, or Extbase UriBuilder methods do not change any behavior anymore related to building an Uri.


Calling UriBuilder->setAddQueryStringMethod() will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error.

Calling ContentObjectRenderer->getQueryArguments() with more than one argument will have no effect anymore.

Setting the TypoScript option addQueryString.method will have no effect anymore.

Using the addQueryStringMethod argument in the following ViewHelpers will trigger a deprecation notice:

  • <f:form>
  • <f:link.action>
  • <>
  • <f:link.typolink>
  • <f:uri.action>
  • <>
  • <f:uri.typolink>

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation

  • with extensions calling Extbase's UriBuilder->setAddQueryStringMethod() method
  • with extensions calling ContentObjectRenderer->getQueryArguments() with more then one argument
  • with custom templates setting the addQueryStringMethod argument in Fluid using one of the mentioned ViewHelper.


Remove any usages within the Fluid templates or Extension code.