Deprecation: #92386 - Extbase property injection

See forge#92386


Since core dependency injection is in place and is about to replace the extbase dependency injection completely, using property injection via the @Extbase\Inject annotation has been marked as deprecated.


Classes that use extbase property injection will experience non injected services for properties that have a @Extbase\Inject annotation.

Affected Installations

All installations that use extbase property injection via annotation @Extbase\Inject.


Extbase property injection can be replaced by one of the following methods:

  • constructor injection: works both with core and extbase dependency injection and is well suited to make extensions compatible for multiple TYPO3 versions.
  • setter injection: Basically the same as constructor injection. Both the core and extbase DI can handle setter injection and both are supported in different TYPO3 versions.
  • (core) property injection: This kind of injection can be used but it requires the configuration of services via a Services.yaml in the Configuration folder of an extension.

Given the following example for a @Extbase\Inject annotation based injection:

 * @var MyService
 * @Extbase\Inject
protected $myService;

This service injection can be changed to constructor injection by adding the service as constructor argument and removing the @Extbase\Inject annotation:

 @var MyService
protected $MyService;

public function __construct(MyService $MyService) {
   $this->myService = $myService;

Please consult the dependency-injection documentation for more information.