Deprecation: #92583 - 3 last arguments of wrapClickMenuOnIcon()

See forge#92583


BackendUtility::wrapClickMenuOnIcon() has a boolean flag to let the method return an array with tag parameters instead of a fully build HTML tag as string. As this are two completely different things and cause problems when analysing return types it should not be done in the same method.

Calling BackendUtility::wrapClickMenuOnIcon() with the 7th and last argument $returnTagParameters set to true has been marked as deprecated alongside the 5th and 6th arguments that are already unused.

A new method has been introduced that returns the aforementioned array.


Calling BackendUtility::wrapClickMenuOnIcon() with more than 4 arguments will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error.

Affected Installations

All 3rd party extensions calling BackendUtility::wrapClickMenuOnIcon() with more than 4 arguments are affected.


Arguments 5 and 6 can be safely removed as they are already unused.

If $returnTagParameters was set to true the newly introduced method BackendUtility::getClickMenuOnIconTagParameters() should be called to retrieve the array with the tag parameters.


$parameters = BackendUtility::getClickMenuOnIconTagParameters($tableName, $uid, 'tree');