Feature: #92984 - PSR-7 Request available in Frontend ContentObjects

See forge#92984


The main Request object of a web-based PHP process is now handed into all ContentObjects and ContentObjectRenderer classes.

In addition, any kind of "userFunc" methods initiated from ContentObjectRenderer, basically all custom Frontend PHP code, now receives the request object that was handed in as third method argument.

The ContentObjectRenderer API now has a getRequest() method.


page.10 = USER
page.10.userFunc = MyVendor\MyPackage\Frontend\MyClass->myMethod

namespace MyVendor\MyPackage\Frontend;

class MyClass

    public function myMethod(string $content, array $configuration, ServerRequestInterface $request)
        $myValue = $request->getQueryParams()['myGetParameter'];
        $normalizedParams = $request->getAttribute('normalizedParams');

This functionality should be used in PHP code related to Frontend code instead of the superglobal variables like $_GET / $_POST / $_SERVER, or TYPO3s API methods GeneralUtility::_GP() and GeneralUtility::getIndpEnv().


Any kind of custom Content Object in PHP code can now access the PSR-7 Request object to fetch information about the current request, making TYPO3 Frontend aware of PSR-7 standardized request objects.