Feature: #92942 - Allow icon overlay for newContentElementWizard elements

See forge#92942


The new Content Element wizard within the page module now allows to define an icon overlay for each wizard element using the new TSconfig option iconOverlay next to a defined iconIdentifier.

This is especially useful for custom content elements that use the same iconIdentifier several times, but still have to be differentiated.

The full configuration path is mod.wizards.newContentElement.wizardItems.*.elements.*.iconOverlay.

An example configuration could look like this:

mod.wizards.newContentElement.wizardItems {
    common.elements {
        my_element {
            iconIdentifier = content-my-icon
            iconOverlay = content-my-icon-overlay
            title = LLL:EXT:my_extension/Resources/Private/Language/ContentTypes.xlf:my_element_title
            description = LLL:EXT:my_extension/Resources/Private/Language/ContentTypes.xlf:my_element_description
            tt_content_defValues {
                CType = my_element


It's now possible to define an iconOverlay next to an iconIdentifier for newContentElementWizard elements.