Feature: #93988 - Backend module URLs reflect into browser address bar

See forge#93988


Backend module URLs are now reflected into the browser address bar, whenever a backend module or a FormEngine record is opened.

The given URL can be bookmarked or shared with other editors and allows to re-open the TYPO3 backend with the given context.

A custom Lit-based web component router is added which reflects module URLs into the browser address bar and at the same time prepares for native web components to be used as future iframe module alternatives.


Editors can share links to certain records or include these in bug reports.

This feature is enabled for all modules. For non-module routes this feature will only work if configured via Routes.php by adding a redirect section:

'redirect' => [
    'enable' => true,
    // Transferred parameters when redirecting
    'parameters' => [
        'my-parameter-name' => true