Deprecation: #94115 - Parameter type evaluation via DocBlock comments

See forge#94115


Extbase had a long support for detecting the actual target type of a method argument by parsing the DocBlock annotations like

 * @param \MyVendor\MyExtension\MyModel $item
public function myAction($item);

However, since PHP 7 supports to define the target type by specifying the type directly in the language, which is much faster, the "legacy" way of handling type detection for arguments are marked as deprecated.


When a DocBlock annotation like @param \MyClass $item is added, but the actual type is not added to the method argument via native PHP type declarations, a deprecation message is now triggered.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with custom Extbase extensions which were never upgraded to support latest PHP language constructs.


Use native PHP type declarations instead - this can be achieved since TYPO3 v10:

public function myAction(\MyVendor\MyExtension\MyModel $item);