Deprecation: #94377 - Extbase ObjectManager->getEmptyObject

See forge#94377


Extbase has the odd behavior that \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\DomainObject\DomainObjectInterface objects - typically classes in Classes/Domain/Model of Extbase enabled extensions - don't call __construct when the persistence layer "thaws" a model from database - typically when an Extbase Domain/Repository uses a ->findBy* method.

As a side-effect of switching away from Extbase ObjectManager towards symfony based dependency injection, this behavior will change in TYPO3 v12: Method __construct() will be called in v12 when the DataMapper creates model instances from database rows.


There is no impact in TYPO3 v11 and no deprecation log entry is raised. However, extension developers should prepare toward this change in v11 to avoid any impact of a breaking change in v12.

Affected Installations

Extbase extensions having domain models that implement __construct() are affected. It is rather unlikely this has any impact on the behavior of the extension, though.

Additionally, calls to API method TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Object\ObjectManager->getEmptyObject() should be avoided since it will vanish in v12. The vast majority of extensions will not do this, though. The extension scanner will find candidates.


No migration possible. Simply expect that __construct() of a domain model will be called in v12 when a domain repository findBy method directly or indirectly reconstitutes a model object from a database row.