Feature: #94374 - Create new filemount via the folder's context menu

See forge#94374


The sys_filemounts records are an important feature, which allows administrators to restrict their users to specific folders in a file storage.

The workflow however was always to first create the folder in the "Filelist" module and afterwards switch to the list module to create a new sys_filemounts record for this folder. This furthermore always required the administrator to select both, the storage and the previously created folder, in the new record.

To ease the use for administrators, the context menu of folders is extended with a new option "New Filemount". Using this option opens the FormEngine with a new sys_filemounts record, having the correct storage and folder prefilled.


It is now possible to create new filemounts directly in the Filelist module, using the new "New Filemount" option in the folder's context menu. This option also prefills the new record with the correct storage and folder values.