Feature: #90336 - CKEditor Autolinking uses https by default

See forge#90336


TYPO3 ships with a CKEditor plugin called "autolinking", which automatically converts typed text within a RTE to an external URL.

When typing www.typo3.org this is automatically converted to an absolute external link, which previously used http:// as schema.

Nowadays, over 90% of the web is served via the https protocol and secure connections via SSL/TLS, where it is safe to use secure-by-default links.

When not specifically using a schema as prefix for an autolinking URL, CKEditor now uses https instead of http as schema by default.


When typing a URL like www.typo3.org in the RTE and the autolinking plugin is activated, the default schema used is now https instead of http for any new links.

However, it is - as before - fully possible to manually change a link to use the http:// schema instead.