Feature: #90548 - Download multiple files and folders in filelist

See forge#90548


From time to time, editors might need to download files and folders, which are stored in the TYPO3 installation. Therefore, the filelist module has been improved to provide a couple of possibilities for downloading the stored files and folders.

The action bar on the top of the listing now features the "Download" option. It is shown, as soon as a file or folder is selected. It can therefore be used to download a specific selection of files and folders.

The "Download" option has furthermore been added to the context menu as well as the secondary menu. Those options can be used to download a single file or folder.

Administrators can furthermore specify, which file extensions are allowed for their users to be downloaded. Therefore, following user TSconfig is available, expecting a comma-separated list of file extensions:

# Either an allow list
options.file_list.fileDownload.allowedFileExtensions = png,svg,pdf

# or a deny list
options.file_list.fileDownload.disallowedFileExtensions = yaml,exe,html

It's also possible to completely disable the file download for users:

options.file_list.fileDownload.enabled = 0


When downloading folders, all readable subfolders and their files are included in the generated ZIP file as well.


It's now possible to download files and folders in the filelist module.