Feature: #94680 - Show columns selector filter

See forge#94680


In forge#94474, the column selector in the record list, formerly known as "field selector", got improved by adding a couple of actions, such as "check all" and by moving the selection into a modal instead of a dropdown. However, since there are tables, e.g. pages or tt_content, which contain a lot of columns, it could sometimes still be unnecessarily hard to find a specific column in such a list.

Therefore, the columns selectors' action bar has been extended for a new filter, which can be used to quickly find the desired column in such large lists.

When the filter is active - at least one character was entered - all other actions are bound to the current filter result. This means, when using the "check all" action, while the list is filtered, the action is only applied to the currently visible items. This comes in handy in case a group of columns, sharing the same name (e.g. "backend layouts" in pages) should be selected.


It's now possible to filter the list of columns in the "Show column selector" of the recordlist module.