Feature: #94906 - Multi record selection in filelist

See forge#94906


With forge#94452 the file list in the file selector has been improved by introducing an optimized way of selecting the files to attach to a record.

Those optimizations have now also been added to the filelist module. The checkboxes, previously only used for adding files / folders to the clipboard, are now always shown in front of each file / folder and are now independent of the current clipboard mode. Furthermore, the convenience actions such as "check all", "uncheck all" and "toggle selection" are now available in the filelist, too.

By decoupling the selection from the clipboard logic, it is now possible to directly work with the current selection without the need to transfer it to the clipboard first. This means, editing or deleting multiple files is now directly possible without any clipboard interaction. The available actions appear once an element has been selected.

As mentioned above, the "Edit marked" action has been added to the filelist, which might already be known from the recordlist module. This action allows to edit the sys_file_metadata records of all selected files at once.


Selection of files and folders is now quicker to grasp for editors working in the filelist module. It is also possible to directly execute actions, e.g. editing metadata of selected files, without transferring them to the clipboard first.