Feature: #95068 - Multi record selection in recordlist

See forge#95068


With forge#94906 the multi record selection component has been introduced to TYPO3. Next to proper keyboard support, it enables editors to easily select multiple records with a couple of convenience methods, such as "select all", "toggle selection" or "select range".

This component has now also been added to the Web > List module. Therefore the "clipboard" column has been removed. All clipboard actions, e.g. "paste content", have been moved to the multi record selection action bar in the table header. Because the component is not bound to the clipboard functionality, editors are now able to perform actions, such as editing or deleting multiple records, without moving them to the clipboard first.

As already known from other modules, the available actions (edit, copy, delete, etc.) are shown in the table header, as soon as one record is selected. An exception is the "Edit this field" button, displayed next to each column header, which represents a real database field (only in the "single table view"). It can be used to edit a single field for all displayed records. This button now also respects the current selection, making it possible to edit a single field for only a specific selection of records.

Manipulating the displayed actions in the table header is still possible using the \TYPO3\CMS\Recordlist\Event\ModifyRecordListTableActionsEvent PSR-14 event.

In case you are still using the TSconfig option showClipControlPanelsDespiteOfCMlayers, which is rather unlikely as it wasn't properly respected in latest versions at all, you should remove it now, since it is no longer evaluated due to the removal of the clipboard column.


Editing multiple records in the Web > List module has been improved and is now no longer bound to the clipboard functionality.

Setting the TSconfig option showClipControlPanelsDespiteOfCMlayers has no effect anymore.