Feature: #95176 - Introduce <f:transform.html> view helper

See forge#95176


Using Fluid view-helper <f:format.html> provides capabilities to resolve t3:// URIs, which is used in backend contexts as well. Internally <f:format.html> relies on an existing frontend context, with corresponding TypoScript configuration in lib.parseFunc being given.

In order to separate concerns better, a new <f:transform.html> view helper has been introduced

  • to be used in frontend and backend context without relying on TypoScript,
  • to avoid mixing parsing, sanitization and transformation concerns in previously used ContentObjectRenderer::parseFunc method of the frontend rendering process.


Individual TYPO3 link handlers (like t3:// URIs) can be resolved and substituted without relying on TypoScript configuration and without mixing concerns in ContentObjectRenderer::parseFunc by using Fluid view-helper <f:transform.html>.


<f:transform.html selector="[ node.attr, node.attr ]" onFailure="[ behavior ]">

  • selector: (optional) comma separated list of node attributes to be considered, for example subjects="a.href,a.data-uri,img.src" (default a.href)
  • onFailure (optional) corresponding behavior, in case transformation failed, for example URI was invalid or could not be resolved properly (default removeEnclosure). Based on example <a href="t3://INVALID">value</a>. corresponding results of each behavior would be like this:

    • removeEnclosure: value (removed enclosing tag)
    • removeTag: (removed tag, incl. child nodes)
    • removeAttr: <a>value</a> (removed attribute)
    • null: <a href="t3://INVALID">value</a> (unmodified, as given)


<f:transform.html selector="a.href,div.data-uri">
  <a href="t3://page?uid=1" class="page">visit</a>
  <div data-uri="t3://page?uid=1" class="page trigger">visit</div>

... will be resolved and transformed to the following markup ...

<a href="https://typo3.localhost/" class="page">visit</a>
<div data-uri="https://typo3.localhost/" class="page trigger">visit</div>