Breaking: #96351 - Unused TemplateService->updateRootlineData method removed

See forge#96351


The PHP method TemplateService->updateRootlineData() has been removed.

It was used as a workaround to update the fetched rootline with translated pages until TYPO3 v10. This was necessary because the TypoScript information contained the language information, and then the page translations were loaded accordingly.

Since TYPO3 v11 the language is resolved earlier, at the same time as the page ID, and the mechanism became obsolete.


Calling the method in PHP will throw a fatal PHP error, as the method does not exist anymore.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations, mainly legacy installations with legacy extensions using this method to boot up their own TypoScript parsing.


Calling this method is not needed anymore and can be removed from the affected code.