Breaking: #96522 - config.disablePageExternalUrl removed

See forge#96522


The TypoScript setting config.disablePageExternalUrl has been removed.

In previous versions, it allowed to have third-party extensions such as "jumpurl" handle the redirect, and/or do tracking like extensions "sys_stat" did back in 2006. TYPO3 Core did not do a redirect itself then when this option was activated.


This option is removed, meaning that TYPO3 Core will always handle a deep link to a page with an external URL as a redirect, which has been the default behaviour for TYPO3 installations anyways.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations explicitly setting this option, which is highly unlikely, as modern solutions - even jumpurl - use middlewares already since TYPO3 v9.


Migrate to a PSR-15 middleware in your own extension to mimic the same behavior, if this option was actually useful for anybody in recent years.