Breaking: #97530 - Indexed Search option searchSkipExtendToSubpagesChecking removed

See forge#97530


The TypoScript property searchSkipExtendToSubpagesChecking related to Indexed Search query results has been removed.

Setting the option made Indexed Search bypass the check for validating pages related to TYPO3's extendToSubpages Core feature. However, since the extendToSubpages functionality has now been optimized via an alternative to getTreeList(), the option is removed.


Setting the option plugin.tx_indexedsearch.settings.searchSkipExtendToSubpagesChecking has no effect anymore.

All search requests within indexed search will now respect the extendToSubpages flag.

Affected installations

TYPO3 installations using Indexed Search having this option set.


If you still encounter using indexed search related to extendToSubpages it is recommended to extend Indexed Search queries with custom hooks to manipulate the search query.