Breaking: #97701 - TSconfig option disableNewContentElementWizard removed

See forge#97701


The TSconfig option mod.web_layout.disableNewContentElementWizard has been used to explicitly disable the content element wizard. When set, a new Content Element of type "Text" was created by default, which was then changed to a different Content Type.

Along with this the option mod.newContentElementWizard.override has been removed, as it served a similar purpose to override the route name itself.


Both TSconfig options have no effect anymore. TYPO3 behaves as if the options were never set.

Affected installations

TYPO3 installations having one of these options explicitly enabled.


Remove the TSconfig settings as they have no effect anymore.

Instead, use other TSconfig options to adapt the "New Content Element Wizard" to your needs. You can find according examples in EXT:frontend/Configuration/page.tsconfig.

It is also possible to create a custom backend route in your extension code to reimplement both functionalities in a custom TYPO3 Extension, if this option is still relevant for you.

If you overwrite the Fluid template EXT:backend/Resources/Private/Partials/PageLayout/Record.html you have to adjust your template accordingly and remove the "if" condition checking for {item.column.context.drawingConfiguration.showNewContentWizard}.