Breaking: #97926 - Extbase QuerySettings methods removed

See forge#97926


Extbase's Persistence functionality is basing ORM queries on certain settings usually fetched from QuerySettingsInterface, with a default implementation Typo3QuerySettings.

The interface itself has changed so that it now requires two new methods:

QuerySettingsInterface::getLanguageAspect(): LanguageAspect QuerySettingsInterface::setLanguageAspect(LanguageAspect $aspect)

The LanguageAspect covers both the overlay functionality and setting the language ID.

For this reason, the following methods are removed from QuerySettingsInterface:

  • QuerySettingsInterface::getLanguageOverlayMode()
  • QuerySettingsInterface::setLanguageOverlayMode($languageOverlayMode)
  • QuerySettingsInterface::getLanguageUid()
  • QuerySettingsInterface::setLanguageUid($languageUid)

All adaptions have been made to the default implementation in Typo3QuerySettings, however the removed methods from the interface are kept within the implementation to avoid fatal PHP errors.


Any custom implementation of QuerySettingsInterface needs to implement the newly defined methods of the interface.

Affected installations

TYPO3 installations with custom Extbase extensions dealing with QuerySettings that are adjusted with the methods used above.


Switch the affected extensions via PHP to calling the newly added methods, as this is how TYPO3 Core behaves the most reliable.