Breaking: #98024 - TCA option cruser_id removed

See forge#98024


The TCA option in the ctrl section of each TCA table cruser_id has been removed, along with populating this system-related information within DataHandler and the auto-creation of the database field.

The setting was used to fill the UID of the Backend User who originally created the affected row. However, this information is also available through TYPO3's History functionality, and does not need to be persisted twice.

Several drawbacks came with this feature, which is why it was removed entirely:

  • Extbase did not support this functionality
  • When a record was created via the Frontend in the plugin, the userid was not available

Information about a record ("Info Popup" or within Workspaces) is now fetched through TYPO3's History functionality.


When creating new records, the value of the database field is not auto-populated.

Also, when upgrading to TYPO3 v12, the database field is prepared to be removed.

The option $GLOBALS['TCA'][$tableName]['ctrl']['cruser_id'] is also automatically removed during cache warmup from the final TCA listing.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations actively using this field for querying or filling, not using TYPO3 API, and accessing the database directly.


If the need for the information – that is who created the record – is needed, use the History functionality to fetch the creation details of a record.

If this field is actively queried, it is recommended to add this field as a regular TCA column with a custom hook or PSR-14 event to fill this information.