Breaking: #98089 - Removed FontAwesome

See forge#98089


The node package font-awesome and the related CSS and font files have been removed from the TYPO3 backend. This also includes the icon provider class \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Imaging\IconProvider\FontawesomeIconProvider.

The configuration option icon-class of login providers has no effect anymore.


Using the aforementioned icon provider to register icons is not possible anymore. Also, any direct usage of fa-* classes will not work anymore.

Affected installations

All installations relying on FontAwesome are affected.


Migrate to the @typo3/icons package if possible. If the TYPO3 installation still requires FontAwesome, install the polyfill extension fontawesome_provider.

To install the extension via Composer, run the command composer require friendsoftypo3/fontawesome-provider.

The extension will be available in TER soon as fontawesome_provider.