Deprecation: #97027 - ContentObjectRenderer->getTreeList()

See forge#97027


The method ContentObjectRenderer->getTreeList() has been marked as deprecated.

The method signature has had various side-effects and too many options and was used in different places across TYPO3 Core, where ContentObjectRenderer was not in use primarily.


Calling the method directly will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with third-party extensions accessing this method. This can be checked via the Extension Scanner in the Install Tool.


Several replacements for various use-cases have been introduced, which can be found in PageRepository. Instead of returning a comma-separated list of integers as string, the methods now return an array of integer Page IDs, always in the default language.

The method PageRepository->getPageIdsRecursive() is used to retrieve all subpages (recursively) of a list of pages, commonly used for fetching recursive Storage PIDs in Plugins. Extbase is using this method under the hood.

The method PageRepository->getDescendantPageIdsRecursive() is used to return all subpages without the actual pages handed in as argument.

This might be useful for finding all subpages, to check for values or records within such pages (e.g. Sitemap functionality).