Feature: #90919 - Skip translation of overridden form finisher options

See forge#90919


If form finisher options are overridden via FlexForm, they must not be translated by the TranslationService. Otherwise, they would probably be overridden again by a localization from a translation file.

To address this issue, a new translation option propertiesExcludedFromTranslation has been introduced. The option allows skipping all those finisher options whose option value has been changed within a FlexForm. The translation option is only respected in TranslationService::translateFinisherOption().

The following example excludes three properties (subject, recipients and format). That way, the options can only be overridden within a FlexForm but not by TranslationService. The option is automatically generated as soon as FlexForm overrides are in place. The following syntax is only documented for completeness. Nonetheless, it can also be written manually into a form definition.

      identifier: EmailToSender
      subject: 'Email to sender'
        recipient@sender.de: 'recipient@sender name'
          - subject
          - recipients
          - format


The translation order is as follows:

  1. Default value from form definition
  2. Overridden value within a FlexForm (if any)
  3. Localized value provided by translation files (if any)

With the new translation option, the last (third) step can be skipped. That way, the FlexForm value will be preferred.